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Friday, August 8, 2014

Five for Friday!

Week 2 of school is almost done - just have to make it through today!  My kiddos sure have gotten comfortable and now they won't stop talking...oh geez!  Well I'm here to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday!

Last Thursday night I emailed the wonderful Nikki and Melonheadz Illustrating about making me some cupcakes to display my birthdays in my classroom.  Yes, I had a birthday poster that I wrote their birthdays on...but after helping one of my teammates put up her cupcakes and candles for birthdays, I wanted something similar!

She LOVED the idea and said she would work on it soon.  Woke up Monday morning and saw the set on Facebook!  I was so excited at how it turned out and quickly she got it done.  Got my new cupcakes posted in my classroom and candles added by Thursday morning.  I also put together a birthday set that includes the cupcakes to make your own classroom display and tons of other birthday goodies!  Go check it out!

I didn't go to Vegas this summer for the TPT conference, but love this quote from Deanna Jump.  Thanks to Schroeder's Shenanigans in 2nd for this cute poster with the quote.  Holding on to this quote this week for a few reasons!

Last year I was a BT3 - meaning that I was a third year teacher still in the beginning teacher program at my school.  I was so excited at the end of last year to not have to do all that BT stuff anymore.  My principal busted my bubble real quick when he told me I would be a mentor.  I knew it too, but was hoping for at least a year away...yeah, that didn't happen.  I'm mentoring a BT2 - our new elementary PE/Health teacher.  He seems really great and so far my kids are loving his class!  But I'm like when did this happen that I grew up and am now mentoring new teachers???

Lots of stuff in this picture!  See all my green post-it notes...don't know how I would get by without post-it notes!  I keep coming up with things here and there that I need to make/do and on a post-it note they go.

Just like last year...loving GoNoodle!  My girls begged for Let It Go on Wednesday so we did that one for our brain break.  Some of the boys sat with their ears plugged, but I promised them we would do more of a "boy" brain break later!  I have 14 boys and 9 girls this year so I've got to keep them all happy!

Loving my twist speaker I got from BJ's last month.  My school laptop is soooooo sloowww so I use my personal Mac at school.  Well thanks to my Apple TV and this awesome speaker, we are able to do our Brain Breaks on my laptop rather than waiting for our ancient laptop to decide to work!

I was very blessed last year with a parent who anonymously donated money to my classroom for iPad minis.  My principal was able to purchase 20 minis and cases with the money.  These were added to the 2 iPad 2's I already had - so I had 22 iPads.  I have 23 kids this year, so I am almost 1:1.  Once again, I've been blessed and have a family who is going to purchase one last iPad mini and the case so that every child will have an iPad to use.  My jaw about hit the floor when I saw her email!

Thursday we used our iPads to take a practice spelling test and write our spelling words on the app - Drawing Free.  The kids loved it and are already looking forward to doing it again next week.

Have a  great Friday and a wonderful weekend!  Looking rather soggy for us here in NC! 

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