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Friday, August 29, 2014

Five for Friday!

I back for Five for Friday!  I missed last week due to a super crazy Friday at school and then off to the movies Friday night to see When the Game Stands Tall (great movie, btw).

Our school kicked off our Boosterthon Fundraiser for the first time and we are Rock'n Town Live!  The kids are LOVING Boosterthon and are getting lots of pledges too!  We started on Monday and my class is up to $50 per lap.  So on our pledge-o-meter, they have earned a GoNoodle Party, extra recess, a homework pass, shoes-off day (today), and a music hour (next week).  They don't know they've made it to $50 per lap they will also earn a bubblegum party.
Anyway - our school is doing a door decorating contest and as soon as I saw it - I jumped all over it and got of course at our staff meeting on Monday I got called out for already (being  the only one) having my door decorated.  But it wasn't done...above are pics of the completed door!  My kids and I love it!!

Finished with assessments last week, so that means reading groups got started this week. The kids were so excited to use the googley eye rings to help them track when they are reading!  Thanks Michaels!

Now that we are a 1:1 iPad classroom - I had to come up with an easy way to charge iPads.  I found this cool rack in the office section at Target that is meant to file papers - but it is perfect for holding iPads while they are charging.  The kids have specific days that are their charging days.  I know it is going to take a while for them to get used to charging on specific days - I had to keep reminding them this week, and finally said if their iPad dies before it's their charging day because they didn't plug it in during the day - tuff toodles!  I know (well, I hope) they will get the hang of it soon.

Today marks our 25th day of school!  Last year we started celebrating the 102nd Day of School to be different from K-1 who celebrates the 100th Day of School.
I have a 102nd Day pack in my store, but whipped up this cutie this week to help us keep track of how many days we have been in school.  Add dots until you have to make a 10, and then change out his dog tag to show the next ten and then start all over with the dots.  I'm going to get it added to my 102nd day pack this weekend...and the price might go up too, so if you're interested, get it before it updates!!

Well the day I have been waiting for since last November when the season ended has arrived (well, tomorrow) - the kickoff of Wolfpack football!!  I've been sporting red and white every day since Wednesday and did a new Jamicure last night.  Found the red and white striped dress at Old Navy last Wednesday and new it would be a perfect dress for football season!  I'm absolutely in love with the clear and white chevron over red polish!

Had an early release today (kids released at 11:30) and around 12:50 we were all told to go home!  Sweet!  I've enjoyed a great afternoon at home getting some necessities done - exercising, laundry, cleaning bathroom and to enjoy the weekend!


  1. I love those googly eyes! I have them too! And I love your nails. Super cute!!!

  2. 25th day of school?! Wow! I haven't even had day 1 yet! Happy Friday. :)

  3. I love your fives this week! I'm kind of in love with your chevron nails! So adorable! And those goggly eyes are such a nice touch to your guided reading. Will definitely have to keep that in mind :)

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