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Friday, August 15, 2014

Five For Friday!'s Friday and it's the weekend!  What a week it has been - meeting with my mentee, IEP meeting, assessments began, not to mention just plain teaching!
I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday!

Beginning of the year benchmark assessments began Monday!  So once again, I'm back to hearing parts of stories about picture day, going camping, and the South Pole.  I do wish one day I would have a kiddo read the whole thing just because I would like to hear the whole story!  After I finished Dibels, I moved on to TRC and that will take me through at least this coming week.  Hope to be finished by Friday!

Our football season tickets arrived Tuesday.  Go Pack!  Enough said!
Can't wait till kickoff...only 15 days!

This picture above is what I came to after carpool on Wednesday.  This is how my children left our room - and this describes our day - chaotic!  Chairs were left everywhere, napkins from Chipotle on the floor, and toilet paper outside of the bathroom door.  We had a "Come-To-Jesus" meeting Thursday morning about keeping our classroom clean because it is OUR classroom - not just mine.  They are improving...slowly!

My birthday is August 21st - less than a week away and I'll be a quarter of a century old!  So August 1st, a few birthday freebies rolled in and then Thursday - a week before my birthday - more rolled in!  This is just a few that I had received by 8 AM!  Can't wait to celebrate!

Another personal one!  My cat, Maggie is so spoiled - obviously.  During the warmer months here in NC - I keep a window AC unit in this window because our house only has one AC unit and it can get rather warm upstairs.  Maggie HATES it because she can't lay on the bench and look out the window.  The birds are calling her while they are in the tree outside and she can't stand it that she can't see them.  So since I had brought some of my crate seats home from school - I put one on the bench this afternoon so that she could see out the window.  She loved it!  She loves winter for a few reasons - no thunderstorms and she can look out "her" window all day every day - so she's counting down until we take that AC unit out!

Happy Weekend!


  1. Raising my hand that I have a spoiled cat, too! Yours sure looks like she's enjoying her new seat. Oh, and Go Pack! My hubby graduated from NC State!

    Learning at the Teacher Table

  2. I love getting birthday freebies, too! Enjoy your birthday!