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Friday, September 26, 2014

Five For Friday - 9 Weeks Down!

Whew!  What a week and I can finally say that I am on track-out!  Two weeks of quiet, lunch without children, sleeping in, being lazy, shopping, and getting lots of TPT stuff done are in store for me!  I was horrible with taking pictures this week, but I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday...pictureless style!

This week we did a imaginative narrative about a witch flying into something - Crash! Bang! Boom! Splat!  I found the product here on TPT and my kids thoroughly enjoyed using their imaginations to write their stories!  They are all on my bulletin board, but I realized as soon as I got home I never stopped to take a picture!

Rain showed up here in central NC on Wednesday and the weatherman said it would clear out Wednesday afternoon...well you know weathermen...they were WRONG!  It finally cleared out today around lunch time and sun finally came out for the first time since Tuesday!
Rain meant a super soggy playground and so we had a GoNoodle recess Thursday after lunch.  They kids enjoyed doing some of their favorite videos...and GoNoodle even "liked" our video on Instagram...the kids are a little starstruck and thinking they are famous!

I love track-out day for many reasons.  1 - obvious, it's track out day.  2 - we have awards at 10:30 AM.  3- most kids leave about 11:15 after awards!  The way the rest of our schedule goes throughout the day, the ones that stayed with me went to Health at 11:35 to 12:05, we came back and ate lunch, then they went to specials from 1:00-1:45.  I had plenty for them to do when they were in the classroom though like helping me organize the classroom library and relabel books, out with the old and in the new supply-wise, etc.  They enjoyed being such good little helpers!

One of my teammates is having her 2nd little girl at the end of track-out.  We surprised her yesterday with a Sprinkle Shower and it was a great success!  Lots of sprinkled snacks and pretty little decorations.  She was definitely surprised since we had convinced her we had super important meeting to go to, she said she was just doing what she was supposed to do...going to the meeting!

It's track-out!  That's all I have :)
So thankful for a couple weeks away from the stresses of school!

Happy Friday Y'all!

Friday, September 19, 2014

I'm Back! Five For Friday!

Had an awful afternoon last Friday and just didn't feel like blogging and joining in on Five for Friday...but I'm back this week!  So I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five For Friday!

We go out Scholastic News newspapers for October this week - just in time to get them ready before track-out!  I had to laugh when I saw the front family has a running joke about goats.  We had a goat that lived in a pasture across from the end of our street and we named him Ebenezer..or my dad did.  So now, whenever we see a goat, he says they are related to Ebenezer.  So, I texted him this photo when I got my Scholastic News' and he said it was Aunt Mabalene "we thought she was dead".  Got to love when my dad can bring a smile to my face!

 We joined the Keurig world this week!  Coffee drinking weather has started to make an appearance here in NC and our good ole' Gevalia coffee maker started to not function quite right.  I never thought I'd see the day when my dad would buy a Keurig, but when I told him about reusable cups so we could brew our own Gevalia coffee - he was on board. Now, if only the reusable filter cups will arrive so we can use it!  Got to get some apple cider k-cups too...that's my fave!

Wednesday was awesome!  My team had all-day planning and we had subs covering our class.  It was great to have some productivity mixed with peace and quite and top it off with lunch off campus with only adults!  We got 2nd quarter all planned out and got a lot of other stuff done too.  Each grade level had a day this week.  So thankful for an administration that can make this happen for us once a quarter!

I brought my fall candle in today and was in pure pumpkin-apple bliss all day!  Bath and Body Works you have done well with this scent!

Well the "todayisaid hit Instagram this week and I had 2 today that I thought I would share with my blog readers too!  If you need a laugh...go check out the posts shared with this hashtag!

Happy Weekend!  1 week till I track-out for 2 weeks...not that I'm counting down or anything...

Friday, September 5, 2014

Five for Friday

6 weeks down...3 to go till track-out!

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday - it has been an exciting week too!

I got my October math centers done this week - finally got enough inspiration to finish it up Tuesday night into Wednesday.  One of my team mates will be going on maternity leave after we track-out at the end of the month and she is trying to get all her ducks in a row before she that made me crack down and get to work on finishing these bad boys up.  You can get them in my store!

The weather around these parts has been very tallish this week - with temps in the 90's and feeling close to 100!  But everything pumpkin is coming out and it is making my desire for all things fall and pumpkin go crazy!

Last Saturday was the first football game for NC State.  We have season tickets and went and sweated it out to watch our team come back and win over Georgia Southern.  If I have to sit in 90 degree weather in direct sunlight and sweat for 4 team better win - so they made it all worth it!

So we had the final days of our Boosterthon this week.  On our pledge-o-meter, our class kept creeping up all week.  At $60 per lap, we earned pajama day (which was today), at $70 per lap, we had ice cream sandwich party, but the team goal was $80 per lap...pie a teacher.  I watched in terror as their total crept up this week...

Tuesday Night

Wednesday Afternoon

Friday Lunch...I had one kiddo raise over $1000 by himself, so that pushed us up.  We were at $87 a lap this morning.

So...their dream came true!  On pajama day, they got to pie their teacher in the face.  In reality, it was a plate of cool whip, but it did the same thing.  As much as I didn't want to do it, I'm so proud of my kiddos and how much money they earned and all the laps they ran yesterday.  Now...we go back to normal!

Movie night here!  Draft Day followed by Mom's Night Out!

Happy Weekend Y'all!