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Friday, September 19, 2014

I'm Back! Five For Friday!

Had an awful afternoon last Friday and just didn't feel like blogging and joining in on Five for Friday...but I'm back this week!  So I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five For Friday!

We go out Scholastic News newspapers for October this week - just in time to get them ready before track-out!  I had to laugh when I saw the front family has a running joke about goats.  We had a goat that lived in a pasture across from the end of our street and we named him Ebenezer..or my dad did.  So now, whenever we see a goat, he says they are related to Ebenezer.  So, I texted him this photo when I got my Scholastic News' and he said it was Aunt Mabalene "we thought she was dead".  Got to love when my dad can bring a smile to my face!

 We joined the Keurig world this week!  Coffee drinking weather has started to make an appearance here in NC and our good ole' Gevalia coffee maker started to not function quite right.  I never thought I'd see the day when my dad would buy a Keurig, but when I told him about reusable cups so we could brew our own Gevalia coffee - he was on board. Now, if only the reusable filter cups will arrive so we can use it!  Got to get some apple cider k-cups too...that's my fave!

Wednesday was awesome!  My team had all-day planning and we had subs covering our class.  It was great to have some productivity mixed with peace and quite and top it off with lunch off campus with only adults!  We got 2nd quarter all planned out and got a lot of other stuff done too.  Each grade level had a day this week.  So thankful for an administration that can make this happen for us once a quarter!

I brought my fall candle in today and was in pure pumpkin-apple bliss all day!  Bath and Body Works you have done well with this scent!

Well the "todayisaid hit Instagram this week and I had 2 today that I thought I would share with my blog readers too!  If you need a laugh...go check out the posts shared with this hashtag!

Happy Weekend!  1 week till I track-out for 2 weeks...not that I'm counting down or anything...

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  1. I love your "today I said.." because I could write a book of the things we say that you never in a million years would think you'd have to say. So funny!
    On the Go Teacher Mama