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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

"Tweeter" of the Day - Dojo Style!

Hey friends!

I'm popping in tonight for a quick post about how I am using Class Dojo to share with families everything we are doing at school!

You may have heard of teachers having their class host a class Twitter or Instagram account.  There are a couple teachers at my school who have class Twitter accounts and their kiddos take turns tweeting.  I have started doing this - but only sharing the pictures with our families - on Class Dojo!

If you are a Class Dojo user, you have probably heard about Class Story.  Class Story is the easiest way to share classroom updates, moments, and announcements with parents.  Last year, I would use Class Story to post pictures of things we were doing, send reminders for hot lunch money or Scholastic orders, and other quick reminders I needed to send to parents.

BUT, a couple weeks ago, I started letting my kids take over our Class Story page!  Now, I do still post announcements, pictures, and reminders myself, but each day one child is our "Class Story Poster of the Day".  To keep it easy, I go in alphabetical order and I put their names on the monthly calendar that goes in their COLLEGE binder so they and their parent know when it is their day to share.

To keep from overloading my parents with notifications from Class Dojo, I only let the kids post one picture on their assigned day.  I make sure that their name is up on the whiteboard in the morning when they come in so that they don't forget it's their day to share.  Whenever they are ready to take their picture, they come to me and get my teacher iPad to take the picture.

After they take their picture, they write the caption and sign their name and we publish to our Class Story page.  Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy!  I love that they are taking ownership over our Class Story page and the parents love seeing what their kids are doing each day - and it's something I don't have to remember to do!  If a kiddo forgets or decides not to take a picture on their day - it's kind of like a "lose your turn" thing.  Tough love - they'll get another turn the next month.

Here are a few pictures my kiddos have shared since we started.

You can see how many parents have viewed the pictures...

Parents can "like" the picture, just like on Facebook...

As well as leave a comment!

Now, we've just got to work on the photography skills - but part of this is me giving up a little of my Type A-ness and letting them do it!

Happy Tuesday Friends!  Have a marvelous week!