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Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Peek at My Week (Week 4)

Oh my goodness - it's hard to believe that tomorrow we will be starting our fourth week of school!  That means that in 6 weeks - I'll be enjoying 2 weeks of no-school bliss :)

I'm linking up with Mrs. Willis's Kindergarten for a Peek At My Week!

This is what my weekly lesson plans look like!  I print them out, cut them out and tape them into my Erin Condren Lesson Planner each week and it looks so neat and organized!  I love it!

We started beginning of the year benchmark assessments last week and I'm hoping to finish this coming week!
We start our day with Excel - which is our intervention/RTI time.  Our interventionists and EC teachers pull kids for services during this time so they are not being pulled out during normal classroom instruction.  During benchmark periods - I just assess during Excel and my kids are quietly working on stuff in our room or are in the library with our media specialist who helps me during our Excel time.  We are trying to finish up our Selfie Snaps books on the iPads and the kids in the classroom are working on their handwriting!

Writing - assessments again!  Students will write about a favorite summer memory from 2nd Grade Stuff's August Writing Pack.  LOVE her writing packs - I have every month and we use them ALL year long!

Snack/Read Aloud - we are reading The Doll People and I am slowly working on putting together a novel study to go with this book.  We read a chapter one day and the next day we eat snack and work on responding to the questions.  Speaking of which - I have to make the chapter 4 and chapter 5 response pages and I left my book at school - dang it!

Then we move on to Letterland, our phonics curriculum.  I follow the same routine each week for that week's unit.  On Monday, we will be learning about best friends at the end (like ss in grass), the suffix s, and the singing sound of ng and the suffix ing.  I LOVE Letterland as do my kiddos.  The stories behind the Letterlanders help them understand phonics and why letters make the sounds that they make.
On Tuesday, we will do live spelling - which is where the kids "become" the Letterlanders, we sound out the words and then I have helpers who help me spell the word and the Letterlanders come up and make the word.  They bring their Letterlander card with them and we check the word, sound it out again, and then spell it.
On Wednesday, we do Word Detectives and sort the rest of our word cards on the word chart.  Word Detectives is a Letterland activity where we are coding words by noting the vowels, suffixes/prefixes, consonant digraphs, identifying the number of syllables and the syllable types, and coding the vowels (long/short/magic e/etc).
Since I have recently become a 1:1 classroom, on Thursday we break out the iPads and and take a "practice spelling test" by using the app, Drawing Free, to write our words.
Then on Friday, we take a spelling test.

After Letterland, we move into Daily 5.  My kids are getting into the routine and I'm loving it.  But no work with teacher yet - Daily 5 gives me another hour a day to assess!

Finally at 11:35 - I get a break!  My kiddos are going to PE this week.  After PE we will come back to the classroom for lunch and then after lunch they go to specials.

When I pick them up from specials, we come back and get started right away with math.  We do four rotations that are pretty much math centers.
On my lesson plans I pretty much only note what I am doing with my Work With Teacher group.  This week we are learning about the strategy of making a ten to add and subtract.  We will use tens frames, number lines, and breaking down a number strategy to add and subtract by making a ten.  I always tell my kids that 10 (and multiples of 10) are friendly numbers, so I am liking this strategy.
I have flipped my math classroom, so my kids watch the biggest part of the lesson on Monday night for their homework.  Then the rest of the week, I do more guided instruction and we work on and practice that strategy/concept all week.

As for my other math groups during math workshop...

iMath - the kiddos use their iPads to play or work on math apps that I assign for that day.  We have been using Sushi Monster, Splash Math 2nd Grade, Front Row, and a couple others so far.  Planning to download the new TenMarks app and have the kids use that on a more regular basis.

Math Journal - I use a lot of resources for their math journals.  Math problems of the day from Primary Punch,  and Interactive Math Notebook from Bright Concepts for Teachers have been my go-to's so far this year.  After my kids finish their math journal they use Hot Dots to practice other math skills.

Math Center - During math center, my kids are using my monthly math centers to practice previously learning math skills.  Most are reviewing first grade skills right now, but as we move on throughout the year, we will review 2nd grade concepts so that they don't forget those skills!

After math, we color in behavior, check out our Class Dojo percentage, and line up to head to the gym for carpool.

So there's a peek at my week!

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