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Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday Made It!

What???  I'm blogging twice back-to-back!  Yep!  Even though I didn't go to Vegas (totally want to next year..any roomies???), I have been inspired to really get my rear in gear on blogging again!

So I'm linking up with 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made-It!

I posted these on IG a couple weeks ago and totally meant for this to be a Made-It last week, but that didn't happen.
Every year I struggle with how to address the bathroom pass dilemma.  I do have a bathroom in my classroom that I share with the teacher next door, so I prefer my students use that one first...but 48 kids sharing one little bathroom - it stays busy and sometimes they just have to GO!  So, they have to go down the hallway to take care of business.
I have tried the normal bathroom passes, but they come back filthy and often broken because they have been swinging them up and down the hallway.
And, I didn't feel that my students really needed to take a pass with them to the bathroom, I just need to know that someone is gone in case of a fire drill/lockdown/etc.
So last year, I made magnetic bathroom passes.  We have a mini-fridge right beside our door since we eat lunch in the classroom, so my passes are store there.
See picture from last year...
These were cute little passes I made to start with and are laminated card stock.  So, while they don't even leave the classroom the corners were peeling and all so it was time to make some heavy-duty ones!

When the students leave the classroom, they put their pass on the door frame, since it is metal, and then I know how many boys and girls are in the bathroom.  They take it down when they return and put it back on the fridge.  And don't worry if one might forget...the others WILL remind them!

So, now my made-it!  Here are my new bathroom passes!

I made the cute little picture and then mounted them onto wood rectangle shapes I bought at Michaels...4 pack for like 2 or 3 dollars!
I was going to mod-podge them, but that didn't work to tell, so I just used packing tape and got them all sealed up!  Put some magnets on the back and they are ready to go!

I just LOVE vinyl!
I have so many vinyl projects I am going to share with you next week, but I have to share a couple little ones in the mean time!

Since we eat lunch in our classroom, one of my many classroom jobs is Clean Up Crew.  These students sweep our floors and wipe our tables down with baby wipes once everyone is done eating.  I had a cute little box for the wipes that has Rapunzel from Tangled on it that I got my first year of teaching and it has done pretty well, but the box has seen better days.  No more cute boxes like that at Target without seeming babyish, so I made a new box for our baby wipes!

And while I was at it - had to make a book hospital.  Pages are going to fall out of books - its inevitable, but when I'm trying to teach a guided reading group is not the time for me to fix it.  So in comes the book hospital!
Please ignore all the blow pops inside - they are their little open house gift and I needed a place to store them!

A non-school related made-it!  We have so many tomatoes and zucchinis growing in our garden right now, it is unbelievable!  I made these little cuties last week for lunch one day and then while my parents ate spaghetti Friday night for dinner, I jazzed them up a little and had Zucchini Pizzas again for dinner!

Super easy to make:
Cut zucchini slices probably about 3/4" thick.
Put on aluminum foil lined cookie sheet with a little cooking spray and salt and pepper.  Bake in the oven at 425 for about 12-15 minutes.
Then take them out and put on your toppings.  I use spaghetti sauce, mushrooms, sliced up chicken breast and/or Morningstar sausage and then topped with a little shredded cheese.  Put back in the oven at Broil/500 for about 5 minutes to finish them off.

They were so yummy I think I could eat them 3 nights a week!  And pretty healthy too!

I think that's all for today.  I've also been making a ton of new products for my TPT store, so head over there to check them out and get started on the right foot for the new school year!

Happy Monday y'all!
Can't believe this is my last Monday of week this time I'll be eating breakfast at school and starting a week of teacher workdays!


  1. From the pictures I need to go over to your store because the products look really cute!! Enjoy your last week on summer vacay!!!

  2. Love your Monday Made Its! But, I must confess, my jaw hit the floor when you said this was your last Monday. I cannot imagine summer being pretty much over! Do you teach year round?


    1. I am on a modified calendar. We get about 6 weeks for summer track out and then 2 weeks in the fall, 2 for winter/Christmas, and 2 for spring. It is like year around, but "modified"!

    2. That schedule actually doesn't sound too bad. You can take advantage of cheaper rates to travel! ~Katie

  3. I really love the sound of your schedule! I would give up a long summer in exchange for longer breaks throughout the school year to recharge. I am your newest follower...I teach second grade at a charter school too, so I can't wait to see more of your adorable ideas/products.
    The Traveling Teacher