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Monday, July 21, 2014

I LOVE using Vinyl in my classroom!

Hello friends!  I'm back again to share with you some of the projects I was able to do in my classroom using my Cricut Explore and vinyl from Expressions Vinyl.  I promise I'll be back later in the week to share pictures of my entire classroom...but this will give you a sneak peek!

First up - my classroom jobs display.  The new Cricut Design Space program made all of these projects soooo easy!  All I did was put in my phrases, get them to size, plug in my Cricut Explore and cut away!  I love it!  Plus I get to use ALL of the fonts I have on my installed on my computer.  This font is KG Be Still and Know.

Application for all of these projects is also super easy - this is why I LOVE vinyl - so stapling or gluing each letter to the surface!  Using contact paper, I am able to pull the desired phrase off of the backing paper, align to the wall or space I want to put it, press it down and rub so the vinyl will adhere to the surface and then pull the contact paper off and viola!

Leaders are Helpers - yes they are!  Each of my kiddos will have a job this year so I have a lot more jobs!

Instagram!  These days even my 2nd graders know all about Instagram, so let's bring it to the classroom.  Throughout the year I am going to post pictures of all our shenanigans so we have a little timeline going on our upper cabinets!
How did I get the Instagram font you ask???  I was able to import a picture of the Instagram font/logo into Cricut Design Space, clear out the background color and then my Cricut Explore just cut the logo/font out!  Love it!!

Do you Dojo?  We do and I LOVE it!  It is especially helpful when it comes time to decide on quarterly behavior awards!  But you're here about my vinyl projects!  My original plan is not what you see above, but as with most teachers we change our mind quite often.  I ended up redoing my behavior chart and made the phrase "How's your Dojo today?" to go along with the chart.  My kiddos move their clips based on how many Dojo points they have, so is their Dojo happy or sad - only they can decide! 

Last year I jazzed up my math fact quizzes and made them Duck Dynasty themed and the kids just loved them so much more than they had in the past!  This year we are going to track our progress on our new math focus wall at the back of the classroom.  So using my Cricut and some vinyl I cut out "We know our math facts JACK" to go with our Duck Dynasty friends who join us on our journey to mastering our addition and subtraction math facts.

Our new Math Focus Wall (lettering using pink vinyl) and you can see our Duck Dynasty friends at the bottom.  Also in the picture you can see my How Long??? (cut in green vinyl) wall for lunch heat ups.  We eat lunch in our classrooms, so there is no cafeteria lunch!  Lots of my kiddos will bring leftovers or other food that needs to be heated up and after a few days of hearing "Ms. Sutton, how long do I heat this up for???" you decide it is HIGH time for them to find the picture of what they have and put that time in on the microwave.

Voice Levels!  Once I got started with these vinyl projects they just kept rolling!  I love having headers for my different areas and putting them up with vinyl is so much easier than having cut each letter out on card stock and having to apply them to the wall.

Last but not least Eddie's Editing Marks!  Once again my vinyl was such a help with putting up titles!

That's all for today friends!  Hop on over to Expressions Vinyl and check out their products.    All of the above projects were done using indoor vinyl.  I also have circles cut out to put on my floor next week to help my kiddos line up and I used outdoor vinyl for that project as it is a little more durable and will hopefully stand up to the wear and tear of walking feet!

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