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Monday, July 14, 2014

Blog Hoppin': A Scavenger Hunt Linky!

Hello friends!  I have been so bad at this whole blogging thing and with summer here, one would think I would be better at it!  Not much going on around here except working on summer project before going back to school.  I'm heading back Thursday and Friday this week for optional teacher workdays so I can hopefully get my room all set up!  Kids come back on the 28th!!

I don't know about you, but I have been having the BEST time participating in the 1st Annual Blog Hoppin' Scavenger Hunt!  So I'm linking up and sharing some of my favorite entries!

A Frozen Hot Chocolate from Sheetz!

Stop! Collaborate and Listen!

Participated in Summer Institute for my school last week so I had a couple early mornings! 

Even my bestie is helping me - she had a VCR at her house!

Love my windmill from studying aboard in Denmark back in 2009!

My name spelled in play doh!

A completed puzzle!  These will also be morning work for the first day of school!  Love the Target Dollar Spot!

My teacher bag full of books!

Me in a shopping cart at BJ's!

Me making a fool of myself dressing up in costume as a pig!  That pig nose from Cornhuskin' back in college came in handy!!

And lastly...I think this is my favorite one.  And because I didn't tell my principal I would be putting this on my blog, I blocked out his face...but the picture is still priceless!
Such a trooper!  Didn't think he would go for it and after forgetting about it both days at Summer Institute last week, he texted me this picture Friday morning!

I so want to win, but even if I don't - I'm having a blast participating!
Have a great Monday y'all!

I'll probably be back for a Monday Made-It post shortly!  I didn't ever join last week and I have a couple projects to share!!


  1. Your pictures are awesome! It looks like you are having a great time with this hunt. I have enjoyed finding the different things on the list too. I'm sure my family members are tired of hearing about it.

    My principal would never do the downward dog. That is so awesome that your principal was willing to do that. :)

    Ms Richards's Musings

  2. Best. Principal. Ever. And can we discuss that cute outfit??

  3. I love your teacher bag... so cute! And, hello... how awesome is your principal??!!

  4. Wow! I cannot believe you got your principal to do downward dog!

  5. I’m working on getting my principal to do the downward dog…but she’s new to our school, so…
    Windows Into My Classroom