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Friday, July 25, 2014

A Tour of my Classroom!!

Whew!  What a week!  All staff returned this past Monday morning to get prepared for students to flood our halls and classrooms this coming Monday!  We started the week off on the right foot with a "catered" breakfast from a local restaurant provided by administration.

But you didn't stop by to hear about all the meetings and things I did this past week - you came for photos of my classroom so here they are!  They are a rather random order - sorry!

Our Daily Schedule

A view from my desk

Classroom Rules and hand signals.

View from the right front corner of my room 

Fridge with my cute little bathroom passes and 21st Century Skills on the wall!

 Specials for each day above my door so we all know where we are going!

iPad rules and cubbies for book bags/lunch boxes

Student mailboxes with my boxes to organize weekly papers on top and some Letterland posters.  Voice Levels posters above the cork boards for papers with no name.

Reading Genre board and more Letterland posters.  On the table are boxes for my kiddos to turn in work, money, homework, etc.  My high school helpers also use this as their "home base" during their time in our classroom.  Cute little green stools are under the table skirt.

Decoding and Comprehension reading strategy posters on the reading strategy board.

My Letterland chart and my teacher stool I made a couple years ago.

My 2nd Graders will be college bound in 11 years!  Wow!!  

My little corner of the room!

Love my little corner!

Whiteboard and cubbies with manipulatives and games - I have a little bit of an obsession with these cubical shelves!

Daily 4 posters and my Reading Strategy board with more cubbies lining the front wall.

Books Hospital, Skippy Jon Jones, and Pete the Cat hanging out in the classroom library!

My classroom library - again with the cubbies!

Another view!  Wanting to update my book bin labels this year so that's a project...but it won't happen before the first day on Monday, that's for sure!

Corner of my classroom library and the beginning of my writing wall.

LOVE all the cabinets in my room!  Plus they are like extra bulletin boards.  Going to have a math focus wall this year!  And gotta represent up there in the corner - Go Pack!!

The back left half of my room.

Punctuation posters, crayons, and behavior chart on the door.

Classroom jobs!  Realized when I uploaded this picture I didn't put the clothespins up to assign class jobs - first thing on the to-do list for Monday morning!

Classroom door with all the kiddos names!

A view from the door!  All ready for Monday!

Have a  great weekend!


  1. Your classroom is super cute! Do you have the daily schedule cards on TpT? Also, where did you get the reading poster under the college bound board?? I love it!

    1. Unfortunately, my daily schedule cards are not in my TPT store. But I got the poster from Creekside Teacher Tales I think!