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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

NEW Class Dojo Feature #1 Released TODAY!

Hey Y'all,
I've teamed up with Class Dojo to share with you some new features that they are going to be releasing to you over the next three weeks.  I hope that you will be able to use some of these features in your classroom.  I am personally super excited about the feature that is being released today!
Okay, I've made you wait long enough.  You are probably going - tell me already!!
The first feature that is being released today is the ability to set your kiddos into groups and give points by the groups rather than having to individually select children.

I LOVE this feature!  It's going to be a lifesaver!
So, I have my kiddos seated at 4 tables in my classroom - Pink, Green, Blue and Purple Tables.  There have been times in the past when a whole table of kiddos is on point and doing exactly what they SHOULD be doing and I want to give them all a point.  Well, when I have to go through my class list and select those kids, it can take about a minute for me to think about who is at the table, find their name, select and give the point.  By this point, the other kiddos in the room realize what I am doing and have also shaped up.  So being able to quickly select the Pink Table for being awesome, and award them a point, is going to make my life so much easier.  And you know, us teachers, are desperate for anything to make our jobs a little easier.

Why did Class Dojo add this awesome feature?
"Teachers love organizing their classroom into teams whether it’s table seating arrangements or project teams. ClassDojo, however, didn’t make it simple or easy to support this type of classroom and so teachers have been requesting this feature for years.  ClassDojo Groups is the biggest change to the core of the platform, where teachers can now award points to either an individual student or a group of students both with the same positivity and ease as before!"
If you do table points, this will also be a big help, as the app will allow you to see how many points each table/group has.  So, not only does each student in that group earn a point to their total, their group is also earning a point.  I played around with this feature a little bit on my iPhone last week.
So here is my Demo Class with points that I had given them.

When you slide your screen to the right, you will find your groups screen.

You'll see each of the groups that you have created and the points that their group has earned together.  Another little detail feature that I love is that the monsters that are shown on their group picture are the pictures of the monsters that are in that group.  I assume that even when you kiddos change their monster, their updated monster will show up on their group page.

To award a point to the group, you select the group you want to give a point to, and then select Award Group, then chose the positive or negative behavior that you want to award to that group.
It's that easy!

What devices can I access the groups feature on?
"Class Dojo groups will work and sync across any iOS/Android device and any computer."

Want to learn more?
Check out THIS website.

If you don't have Class Dojo already, download it now!  If you do have Class Dojo, I hope you enjoy this new feature this year!  Our school year starts on Monday so I'll be giving this a try for real next week!

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