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Thursday, February 2, 2017

February Thoughts on Thursday - Things Teachers Love!

It's February y'all and LOVE is in the air - so let's talk about things teachers love!
I'm linking up with my friends over at Pelican's & Pipsqueaks and Tech & Teachability to share 5 things this teacher loves.

Can I get an amen?!?!  Target is just about a must for everybody - I love my weekly trips to Target on Saturdays.  It's probably a good thing there isn't a Target between my school and my house (just Walmart - boo!) so that it isn't as convenient for me to stop after school.  But I guarantee you there isn't a Saturday that goes by that I'm not at Target wandering around the Dollar Spot and the up and down all the glorious aisles!  When we had a snow storm hit last month and I couldn't get out of my house from Saturday through Tuesday - I was miserable because I missed my Target trip!

Next up, my Erin Condren Lesson Planner.  This is a major MUST in my teacher-world!  I take it with me to every meeting at school so any notes are here too.  I'm just a tad OCD so each week I type my lesson plans into a template and glue in, but a pretty planner just makes me happy which makes writing lesson plans a little easier!  Save $10 on your first order!

Now, every teacher needs a good cup and my Ozark Trail definitely gets some frequent flyer miles!  I have a large cup for my water and a smaller one for my morning coffee!  Staying hydrated is important and I definitely have to have my drink cold - and this does the trick!  Put ice in it in the morning and I still have ice when I get home - score!!
I use my Mr. Sketch markers for EVERYTHING - anchor charts, grading papers, notes to myself, etc - you name it!  They smell so yummy and last too!  I usually buy a set of chisel tip and thin tip at BJ's for less than $10 - and I have sets at home and school.  Like I said - I use them ALOT so I have them everywhere!

Last up, my Vera Bradley backpack!  This is the Campus Backpack style and in one of my favorite patterns - Midnight with Mickey (Disney nerd here!)  I love the pockets on the sides for my laptop charging cords and the zipper pockets on the front fit all the little things - pens, markers, etc.  It definitely saves my left shoulder from all the weight I used to put on it lugging my tote bag to and from school everyday.  This helps to distribute the weight and it much easier to carry and gives me a little more freedom with my arms - which means some days I end up carrying more in one trip (I like to try and be Rachael Ray and only make one trip)!

What are some the things you love?


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