Monday, August 3, 2015

Math Tip Monday Linky - August Back To School Math Ideas

Good morning y'all!  I'm joining K's Classroom Kreations and Theresa's Teaching Tidbits this morning for the first in a year-long series called Math Tip Monday!  This month's linky party is all about getting your math classroom ready for back to school!
I'm here this month to share with you about how I organize my math manipulatives in my classroom. I am a super-organized teacher and I have cubby shelves from Target & Big Lots all over my classroom.  These cubby shelves are made for the fabric bins and that allows me to "hide" a lot of things in my classroom.   2nd graders are no where near as organized as I am, so instead of driving myself crazy cleaning up behind them all the time and re-organizing, when it's in the fabric bin, I can't see it!
On to how I organize my math manipulatives!
So, below are most of my math manipulatives.  I keep them out all year so that my students can have access to them when they need them.

What's inside these bins you ask?  Looks like lots of food storage items!

Back at the end of school, I ventured through the $1 Spot at Target and saw these cute food storage containers.  I was going to head to the food storage section for some anyways, but these were colored and Disney too - and a 4 pack for $1!!  I used these containers to make individual math manipulative containers for each kiddo.

They are the perfect size to store foam counters...


 and money!

My base ten blocks are stored and organized in Rubbermaid food storage containers.

I have about 6 of these boxes and each box has one hundreds flat and a lot of tens sticks on the left side which is larger.  The smaller side houses ones blocks.

BUT, this year I think we might go digital with our base ten blocks!  I came across the Number Pieces Basic iPad app recently and since I have a class set of iPads, I'm super excited to use this app once we get to place value concepts!  But I'll keep these out for the kiddos to use for my kiddos that need to touch their manipulatives.

I store my unifix cubes in these green storage boxes from Dollar Tree.  They used to be sorted by color and type (I had 2 different types), but you know 2nd graders - they couldn't stay that way forever!

I hope I've given you some organizational math tips that you can use in your classroom!  Check out the other posts below for more back to school math tips to kick your year off right!


  1. Cool! Great tips! I love Dollar Tree too : )
    Kids Math Teacher


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