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Friday, April 3, 2015

Five For Friday

Another day, another linky!  Today I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday to tell you all about our first week back after track-out!

Last Saturday I blogged about how I was going to try to tackle transitions this week with my kids using my little Eeyore hiding in the Easter egg.  Well, the first letter they guess was E, and then they guess R!!  I couldn't believe it!  By Tuesday, they had it figured out.  So, I had to figure out something else because we still need to work on transitions.

So off to the workroom I went Tuesday afternoon to cut out some die-cut shapes - one for each table - pink, green, blue, and purple.  Since it is spring, I chose these cute little flowers.  Now they are competing with each other and will have to get hole punches all the way around their flower and their table will win a prize.  Now, I just have to be consistent with the transitions and reminding them so they can earn punches!

Wednesday was April Fools Day and I tried to pull one over on my kids - keyword: try.  I saw from another teacher in a Class Dojo Mentor Facebook group that she was going to trick her kids with negative points and I knew that would work for mine!
I made a new class so their parents wouldn't freak and it wouldn't mess up their percentages and such and then took 5 points from all of them.  I had a great plan on when to show my kiddos this trick of mine, but our classroom laptop has been a little wonky this week and my plans got delayed so it didn't have the same effect.  I had them for about 3 seconds and then they knew I was tricking.  Plus, I'm terrible at keeping a straight face, so my back was to them just about the whole 3 seconds!

Back in October/November, I started doing a monthly book raffle.  The way I have done it has changed a little bit, and now I only have one book up for grabs each month.  Over track-out, Erin Condren had this wonderful little sale on St. Patrick's Day and I grabbed this acrylic book stand along with some planner stickers for next year at a discount!

Added a little vinyl and we have a perfect stand for the book raffle book so it isn't just propped up against the wall.

My plans for writing this week all changed on Sunday afternoon about 5PM.  I saw another teacher post her writing prompt and creativity for this week about writing how to get Easter bunny unstuck from his burrow hole.  I couldn't find it anywhere at the time, so I just made my own!  They turned out too cute.

We had a half-day of school today as part of our #snowdaypayback.  So, we had an Easter egg hunt!  All the eggs were filed with ELA & Math questions and since the weather was super nice today, except for that darn wind, we went outside, I threw all the eggs out in the grass and let them have at it.

Then we came back in and had a surprise!  Bunny Bum doughnuts fresh from Krispy Kreme this morning - I was out the door at 6:15 and on my way to KK to get these cuties for the kiddos.  But they earned it - 90% or above as their class percentage on Class Dojo this whole week.

Have a great Easter weekend y'all!


  1. That was super sweet of you to get your kids doughnuts. Also so crazy that you are making up snow days. Will you go well into June? I love the bunnies and their little cotton tails. Also what a great idea to raffle off a book each month. It keeps the excitement of reading going!

    1. Our last day with kiddos is June 3rd. We only have to make up 15 hours to meet the minimum requirement for hours for the state. So we made up 3 today and have school Monday to add 6 more. Then we will go to school for a half day on a Saturday later this month and an early release day has been changed to a full day to get us to 15 hours. No breaks for us until Memorial Day!

  2. Tell me more about your book raffle. How do they win the raffle?
    Mrs. Thomas' Teachable Moments Blog

    1. I do Class Dojo and we are now doing a Class Dojo economy. My kids can spend their Dojo Dollars for a book raffle ticket which is 10 Dojo dollars. They write their name on a ticket and put it in the bucket. At the end of the month, I pull a ticket and that child wins the book.