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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I've been busy!

It is so hard to believe that I only have 2 more real days of track-out, since Saturday and Sunday are weekly givens.  Oh this 2 weeks always goes by too fast!  But I have stayed busy, TPT-wise.  Lots of updates for products that I will use 4th quarter, plus new products for the end of year stuff too!  Check out what I've been up to...

The first update I tackled was my 10 Day Countdown To Summer

Last year, all my QR codes were linked to Flickr...well this year my school blocked Flickr (for good reasons), but this meant I had to disconnect from the school wireless each day to scan the QR code and I definitely couldn't have the kids use their iPads to scan the codes, which I think I want to do this year.  So, besides updating the look of the product with new backgrounds and fonts, I also updated all the QR codes.  These codes now link to Google so hopefully you won't have the issues I was running into with linking to the QR code photos.

Up next was my end of year scrapbook

This memory book is a perfect and fun way for your kids to remember their year in your class.  Pages are included for friends, teacher, field trips, and more.  Fonts and clipart was updated mostly with this product.

You can also get both of these products together for a cheaper price!

The next update was my Just Beach End of Year review centers

This was a MAJOR update!  This was one of the first center packs that I made last year and I have changed my "look" so much since then, so I had to redo most everything.  Plus, I added a ton of new centers.  ELA & Math centers were included already, but I added more.  There are now 16 center activities included in all!  I know I will be using this the last week or so of school when we are all checked-out and ready for summer!

After updates were out of the way, it was time to start making new products!

First up was May math centers.  This is the final set of monthly math centers and I had fun dreaming of "summer, and warm, and all things hot" just like Olaf when I was making all of these spring and summer products.  It warmed up a little here last week, but spring in NC is just a roller coaster of warm and cold..then it will just be hot and summer!

I stocked up on all kinds of summer and spring clipart in past TPT sales and couldn't decide on a specific theme with this month's math centers, so it just became Fun In The Sun.  There are some summer themes to this math center pack, but it is also just about doing stuff outside in the warm weather - which we know we all love to do after Old Man Winter has left the building.  (Again - dreaming of summer and warmth and all things hot over here!)

The last end of year and summer pack I put together was my EOY Buckets of Fun games and activity booklet set.

The past couple years I have purchase buckets from Dollar Tree to use as part of my kiddos end of year gift that I fill with popsicles, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, jump ropes and more...but we also fill it with educational stuff too!  I get my kiddos a book from Scholastic that I put in their buckets - always look for the $1 books that cost you less than 100 points if you use your points (which I do!).

Besides their book, we also make games that they have to play all summer to keep sharpening their academic skills in a fun way.  This pack includes all kinds of math and language arts cards with multiple game ideas for each set of cards.  We always take a day in our 10 Day Countdown to make the games for our buckets.  The kids cut out the cards and put in ziplock sandwich bags.  The directions/ideas for games are taped to the front of their bags and then all the bags go in their buckets.

But, wait there's more!  (no, you don't get a free set and have to pay shipping and handling - HA!) I also make activity booklets for the kiddos to work on throughout the summer.  This booklet is about 25 pages full of math, language arts/grammar, and writing activities with a summer twist.  All clipart is line art clipart, so they can do plenty of coloring too!
Here's a preview of what's included - just over 100 pages in all!

The last product is an Easter activity!  With all of our snow & ice here in NC, we ended up having to make up 15 hours to meet the requirement for the school year.  Our first make-up time is going to be on Good Friday, we will have a half-day.  Wanting a fun activity to do with the kiddos that day, I created an educational Easter Egg Hunt that we are going to do that morning.

This Easter Egg Hunt has 21 questions that cover topics such as money, telling time, fractions, phonics, cause/effect, and more!  I printed 2 sets of the questions, stuffed each question in an Easter Egg (got a pack of 42 eggs at Walmart for $1.98) and labeled each egg with the corresponding letter.

I also got a super cute Easter bucket while I was at Walmart (98 cents!) that I put all my eggs in and now I have egg storage until next Easter!

I also bought these cute little packs of Happy Easter cups at Walmart that I was going to fill with some candy as their "prize" since they can't keep the eggs, but then I got this super awesome email from Krispy Kreme Tuesday morning with these lovelies...

The cups are going back and I'm getting the kiddos Easter doughnuts!  So next Friday morning I'll be up extra early to head off to KK to get doughnuts!  I have to go Friday morning because I really want the bunny bum ones the most - too cute!

Well I've been busy and haven't wasted my track-out, that's for sure!  Now, I'm just hoping my Wolfpack will make me really enjoy the last of my track-out by beating Louisville, making the Elite 8 and even heading to the Final Four!!  GO WOLFPACK!!

Shirt made by yours truly!  You can order one in my family's new Etsy shop!  I'll be adding more vinyl and personalized products to the shop soon!

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