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Friday, December 12, 2014

Five For Friday - 12/12

Hello again friends!  I was trying so hard to get back to regular blogging, but things have been busy with school, Christmas, and so much more!  I don't have a ton of pictures to share (I take that back - I have a ton of Elf on the Shelf pictures!), but lots has been going on!

Our Elf on the Shelf, Curtis, and his reindeer friend, Chet have been up to a lot of mischief since they arrived December 1st!

Curtis and Chet were in the To Be Copied basket on Thursday...this morning, they photoCOPIED themselves on our classroom printer!

We gave up doing Polar Express Day this year and let Kindergarten have that experience and we decided to start Grinch Day!  We had an awesome artist as a parent in 2nd grade this year, that drew this awesome Grinch to go in the hallway for our random acts of kindness wall.  Hearts are going to go up with random acts of kindness that the kids see others doing.

Walked in to the gym Thursday for carpool and one of my kids is calling my name.  I turn and look at him and he has his jacket on completely backwards with his book bag on too!  After we laugh, I tell him to get it put on the correct way and he says I can't and turns around to show me this...

Gotta love 'em!  Fortunately he had a friend behind him to unzipped his jacket so he could get straight before heading out to Art Club.

Every year, I get my kids a book from Scholastic as part of their Christmas present.  I start searching in October for $1 Christmas books, as they are usually 35 points each and I just use my points to get the books.  This year, the book of choice was Snowmen At Christmas.  I got envelopes from USPS to sturdy them up a little bit and got them all wrapped Sunday afternoon.  Friday night I got their Grinch ornaments wrapped, so all their wrapping is DONE!
I love wrapping, as I worked at a gift shop in college and we did gift wrapping and it was my favorite.  I spent a couple Christmas Eve's in the store just wrapping the entire time we were open and I loved it!  Granted we had much better wrapping paper, beautiful ribbon, and a nice big workspace, but I still love wrapping presents :)  My mom even makes me put bows on my own presents because she like the ways mine look rather than hers.

Back in October we started making wooden door hangers for our side door on our house and when Christmas rolled around, we made one of these beauties (but with an S).  I shared the photo on facebook and a long-time family friend contacted me wanting to know if we would make them to sell.  I hadn't thought of it and knew we were busy, but told her next year as my parents are probably going to retire at the end of this school year and are planning to go back into wood crafts like they did when I was little.  Well, we head to Michaels on Black Friday and stock UP on ribbon to make Christmas ornament door hangers and mom says we will go ahead and make one for our friend.  We got it done in a week and use my cricut and some outdoor vinyl to help make those beautiful white circles since they were a pain to paint on ours.  I am in love with the Santa ribbon and just love how these look.

Have a great weekend y'all!  We only have 4 and a half days next week as Friday is an early release for staff and students...and Thursday is Grinch Day for us.  Its going to be a week full of jitters, excitement, Grinch green fun, and just trying to survive.  I actually put in my lesson plans for next Friday..."survive and scrap children from the ceiling as necessary" as that will probably be a good description of our time next Friday!

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