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Friday, May 2, 2014

Five for Friday

It's May, my friends!  We've had a lot of thunderstorms and yucky weather this week and as one of my kiddos said "Ms. Sutton, we should have a lot of May flowers, because we have had a lot of April showers!"  I sure hope she was right.  I'm here linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday!  Here are my five randoms from the week!

Well, on Monday mClass and I met again for the last time this year - PRAISE!  We had to switch kiddos to administer the TRC part, but I was able to do my own kiddos for Dibels.  Got all of my Dibels done by Tuesday and started on TRC on my team mate's class Wednesday.  We aligned our schedules so we assess from 8:30 - 10:15 each day and then we stop.  She has fewer kids in her class, so I'm hoping to finish Tuesday or Wednesday!

We have had Teacher Appreciation Week at school this week and boy have my kids and parents gone above and beyond!  Goodies each day from our parent group, PAL, ranging from popcorn bar on Monday, breakfast, soup/salad, and Sweet Tomatoes catered lunch today.  Wednesday was "take your teacher out to lunch" themed day, so I got some gift cards to go out to eat...I loved the way this one was packed up - so cute!!

I've mentioned that I have flipped my classroom for math since January.  My kids and I love it!  Well, Wednesday we had to complete our AIMSweb math assessment and had time left over, so I passed out the iPads and the kids got to do their math homework at school before going home - talk about happy kids :)

I don't know about you, but I our school can really put some wear and tear on a copy machine.  Our high school has a loaner because theirs died, and ours in elementary is about to that point.  Out of a 5 day week, the repair man has been to school 4 days I believe!  I've heard administration is waiting until June to buy each house a new copier at the same time..something about contracts and yadda yadda yadda (copier guy needed somebody to talk to the other day and I guess I was his ear - haha).
It was back to working this afternoon and that is such a wonderful thing!

So, our school dress code for staff on Fridays is usually jeans and a school shirt...but yesterday on my way home...I get this email:

So excited to represent my alma mater on Class Day/graduation weekend and rock my Rainbows!

Have a great weekend y'all! more...5 just isn't enough some weeks!

My kids have really started rocking back in their chairs here lately and I've tried explaining to them that it just isn't safe...that fell on deaf ears.
So, after a few threats and warnings to take their chair if I catch them rocking back...I finally did it!  The other kids kind of felt sorry for this poor little guy since he couldn't squat, sit on his knees, or anything...he had to stand at his spot.  Took his chair about 10:45 AM too!  He got it back at lunch because he does need his chair to sit and eat lunch.  But...he lost it after specials, which comes just after lunch, and had to stand during math! 

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