Thursday, July 6, 2017

Contraction-ectomies with 2nd Grade Surgeons!

Hey y'all!  Happy Summer!  My summer is quickly fading as I head back to work on the 17th - ack!  Can't believe it's almost over.  I wanted to share with you a quick and SUPER FUN activity that we did back in April when we studied contractions with our phonics program.

Contraction Surgery!!
Although I like Contractionectomy better because it sounds more official - haha!

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To make things a little more realistic for my kiddos, I got them shower caps and masks from Dollar Tree - cost maybe $10.  I picked up band-aids while I was there.  And I did bad math and didn't correctly calculate how many I would need - note to self for next year!

I opted to not do gloves - I knew adult gloves wouldn't fit them and that would make all the cutting and gluing way harder for them.  Saved myself a few bucks and a lot of sanity by opting for no gloves!

We put on a heartbeat monitor sound effect on the board and off into the surgery the kiddos went.  They were SO start with!  They did a great job, they really did, but their excitement got the best of them after a little while and they got a little loud - but they were learning - that's for sure!  

Not to bore you with too much chatter - here are pictures!

I picked up this doctor coat on Amazon - added a little heat transfer vinyl and BAM! I'm the chief surgeon!

And a video of them in action!  We all called each other doctors - so they even got in on calling each other Dr. {last name} - it was so fun!

Now - where did I get my awesome contraction surgery set - well TPT of course!  I didn't make my own because this one was too good not to buy!  Munchkins Inc did an awesome job with making this activity - it was perfect for my 2nds!  Copied into booklets for them and they were set!

Happy Thursday y'all!  What fun things have you got planned for the rest of your summer?