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Monday, July 4, 2016

I'm "Fixer Upper"in my classroom!!

Hey friends!

Happy 4th!  It's been a while since I blogged - but gosh, June was busy!  2 short vacations, lots of TPTing, and I PAINTED MY CLASSROOM!!  Yes, you heard me right, I painted my classroom!  My wonderful mother helped me a lot and we finished up last week and I am so happy with it! 

I am blessed with a wonderful administrator who allowed us to paint our rooms this summer as they were looking...B.A.D!  I have been in my classroom 5 years and it hadn't been painted, and it look bad when I moved in!  No wonder I had so much stuff on the walls - I was trying to cover up all the bad spots!

So, here is what my room looked like when I left on June 9th...

All those white spots - that's spackle that had dried - but that shows you how BAD the walls were - and this is just two walls in my room!  We came back 2 more days and prepped the walls before we got started painting, and we had to do a LOT more spackling.  I told my mom with all those white spots - my walls looked like they had dalmatian spots!

So, before I got to really painting and transforming my room, I got all excited about changing my classroom to a "Fixer Upper" theme!  I LOVE Fixer Upper and will watch the re-runs over and over again and never get tired of all of Chip's antics!

Well - that meant I had to redo just about everything in my room because I had done lots of bright colors before and I really needed (and wanted) to tone it down.  My mom would come help me at school some and would always say, "Wow! There is so much to look at it in here and it is so bright and colorful."  Well that got me to thinking - Do I have too much stuff in here?  Is it too bright?  Am I over-stimulating my kiddos?  Is that why they are always bouncing off the walls?!?! 

Plus, Joanna's designs are a little more "toned down" on the bright colors, but are still beautiful...and you know she loves her some shiplap!  So, I made a classroom decor set that is all about



and some chalkboard too!

A lot of these labels and pieces included were things I used in my classroom already and had had some requests for, so when I decided on a new theme, I decided to put it all together for others to use too!

I finished this set up and got it uploaded to TPT just before it was time to walk out the door to come back home to NC from Virginia and I couldn't wait to get home and start printing all my new goodies!

New library book box labels, Sterilite Drawer labels, and Snack Basket/Microwave Labels - ready to laminate!

New math manipulative labels and storage!  I got the green snap boxes at Dollar Tree (3 for $1) and put them in my new Metal Locker Baskets from Target Dollar Spot ($5).  I also got blue and red snap boxes for dice and foam counters - it's all gotta match you know - plus, that helps with putting things back in the right place!

And a new number line with numbers -5 to 120!

And now, I'm sure you want a sneak peek of what my new paint job looks like...

Well, this is after we finished my new green accent wall - goodbye burgundy!!
It scared me at first with how bright it was - it didn't look like the sample!  But, it did dry darker and I'm loving it now.

Then we had to finish the rest of the room, and we finished that up last week.  I was able to get back in there and put all my furniture back and I'm dying to get back in my room to hang up posters and stuff and just get it done!  Teachers return to work on July 18th and the kiddos come back on the 25th, so we'll start before too long!

Here's a sneak peek and an extra picture I haven't shared on Instagram yet!

LOVE my new curtains!  So glad I decided to get something different - makes my room feel SO MUCH taller!

Wanna do a little shiplap, burlap, and chalkboard too in your room?
Grab my new decor set - on sale through tonight along with the rest of my store!

Have a great 4th!  Happy Birthday America!



  1. It looks 100% better. The green color opens the room up. Great job!

    Teaching Tidbits and More with Jamie

  2. Your classroom looks amazing!!! I am a huge Fixer Upper fan too!!

  3. I love this too! So much cleaner (although I didn't see your room before!) and comfy to learn in.

  4. I love your classroom. It is so cute. How did you make the big mason jar on your bulletin board?

    1. I used the poster printing feature to print it larger. Just had to piece the pages together.

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