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Monday, May 30, 2016

Jumbo Jenga Review Game!

Hey everyone!

The school days are dwindling and if you're like me, your dreaming of the lazy days of summer!  But before we get to those days, we had to finish up some learning!  This past week, we were finishing up our math curriculum for the year and taking our last math test - on telling time.

Flashback real quick to last year - for our End of Year Celebration at a local park, we had Jumbo Jenga made out of 2x4 blocks.  Some kids played with the set, but not as many as I would have thought.

Now back to 2016...
The Jenga blocks we had made last year needed an update with some brighter colored paint.  So my wonderful mom and I spent a Saturday afternoon repainting all 48 of the blocks - they came out great.  While I was painting these blocks, I got to thinking I needed to introduce this game to my kids so they would know how to play at our EOY celebration.  BUT, I needed it to be educational.

2X4 wood cut into 10.5 inch pieces

Ding Ding!!  Idea alert!

After spending a little time scoping Hope King's blog for how she made Jenga educational, I knew that making a review game for telling time was a perfect way to introduce the game to the kids as well as review before our test.

I had 5 colors - pink, green, turquoise, orange, and purple.  For each color block, I made 10 questions, similar to those they would see on their math test on Friday.  When it came time to play the game, I followed Hope's directions for playing.

1.  Students would pick a color block they wanted to move.  Let's say, they want to move a green block. 
2.  They go to their Green Blocks question page and answer the first question on the page.  All members of the group have to get the answer correct before I would let them move their block of choice.
3.  After everyone's answer is correct and I said "Go", one person from the group would go move the color block that corresponded to their question they chose to answer (green in this example).
4.  Once the block had been moved, they would choose another block color, and go to the next question on that page that hadn't been answered.

Head over to Hope's blog to see her give directions in a video - it helped me understand what to do!

When it came time to play, my kids had a blast!  I was exhausted afterwards as I was ping-ponging all over the room for 45 minutes to an hour checking their answers and so on, but they were engaged the entire time and had fun so win-win!

What worked perfectly was that our KleenSlate Whiteboard Paddles from Donor's Choose arrived Thursday morning - so it was perfect to be able to use them that afternoon to write down answers, then erase, and move to the next question.

Now for some pictures...

And a video - we thought it was going to collapse!!

Want to play Jumbo Jenga to review telling time with your kiddos?  Download my set of Jumbo Jenga Telling Time Questions from Google Drive below.  We are using Engage NY for our math curriculum, so if you use this as well, this will be a perfect review for your kiddos!

It's almost the end my friends!  We can make it - stay strong!

I've got 6 and 1/2 days left with the kiddos - how about you??


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