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Friday, April 4, 2014

Five for Friday!

It's finally Friday!  I'm back at school this week, so Friday seemed a long way off...but I do have to say, to be the first week back, it went by quickly!  I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday :)  Here we go!

We started back to school this week from track-out or "spring break".  We are not a traditional year-around calendar and I love it!  We start at the end of July, have a 2 week track-out at the end of September-beginning of October, have 2.5 weeks of at Christmas, and then a 2 week track-out in March.  Get out around the beginning of June and have about 6 weeks (5 weeks for teachers) off for summer.
So, Wednesday afternoon I came back to my room during carpool (carpool planning afternoon - whoop, whoop) and this was what my desk looked like - ack!!!  It was killing me!  I had made copies, had given out brag tags, and had originals to put back so I had tons of stuff on my desk.  The best part is though, I left about at 4 and it was all taken care of!  I can't stand to leave with a messy desk!

We had a teacher workday on Monday (PTL!), so our first day back with kids was Tuesday...April Fool's Day.  This is the first time I have been to school on April Fool's day, as a teacher.  I did a couple tricks on my kids, but nothing big - morning work was a word search where none of the words in the word bank were in the search.  I was surprised that they didn't give up and come to me complaining.
But I did have one girl who opened her lunch box to find her mom had played a trick on her...she had spider rings in her lunch box!

Spring finally showed up, for more than one day!  Luckily, it was our recess week, so we hit the playground every day and didn't have to be bundled up!   Wednesday is got quite warm...88 degrees according to my car on the way home.  It wasn't quite that hot a lunch time when we were on the playground...but my kids sure were complaining that it was "hot".  I told them to wait until June!

We started using GoNoodle this week and my kids LOVE it!  My kids voted and the majority chose McPufferson to start with and we are already on Level 2.  I was scrolling through Thursday morning looking for a video to do and my kids start getting all excited because they see Happy on there...then they spot Let It Go!  I had about 10 kids chanting Let It Go while the video was loading to start.  Talk about excited!

The last one is a little somber...but the sweetness and support that came because of it almost made me tear up today.  So...last week one of our staff members passed away from Pancreatic Cancer.  She has been fighting for as long as I have known her, just under 3 years, and is one of the strongest and most positive women I know.  She always had a smile on her face, no matter what.  She will be, actually already is, greatly missed.
As a way to remember and honor her on Thursday, we had a day of Purple, the color for pancreatic cancer.  All staff members wore purple and the kids were even allowed to wear purple with uniform bottoms.  I was amazed at all the purple across our K-12 campus today.  Nan will certainly be missed, but definitely remembered.  Here are some pictures from across our campus today as we rocked the purple!

Our K-4 principal had to climb on top of the electrical box in order to get the picture of our K-2 students below.

K-2 (don't have a pic of 3-4)

Middle School

High School

Some of the staff

This is one reason I love my school - the community.  Period.
We are creating a scrapbook to give to her family and I'm sure all of these pictures will make it in there.  I know her young son will treasure that scrapbook one day as he is able to see how much his mother was, and still is, loved on our campus.  She made all of us better just by her smile.

Happy Friday y'all!

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