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Monday, July 13, 2015

Viva Las Vegas! A TPT Conference Linky Party

Hey y'all!  I'm linking up with the Elementary Entourage for Viva Las Vegas - a TPT Conference Linky Party!

I got back Saturday night after a whirlwind week in Las Vegas at SDE's I Teach 2nd and TPT's Super Seller conferences!  I am currently on a #tptvegas15 teacher high - to be around my "tribe" - people who have a passion for teaching and love to create things for their classroom/kiddos and then share it with the world.  We, TpTers that is, have the opportunity to create so many memorable experiences for children all over the world and that is just a powerful thought!
Be ready for picture overload!
I stayed in the Palazzo and boy, was it gorgeous!  I don't think I've ever stayed somewhere so fancy and the view didn't disappoint!
SDE 2015 Conferences

Tuesday and Wednesday I attended sessions at SDE's first annual I Teach 2nd national conference.  

My first session was all about the first 30 days of school with Kathy Griffin.  This quote from her session stuck with me.  Sometimes we forget how far we go with our kiddos throughout the year.

SDE I Teach 2nd

I attended a few other sessions on Tuesday about writing, differentiation, and the Lego Math curriculum and finished my day off with a GoNoodle Dance party...

GoNoodle Dance Party SDE I Teach 2nd

followed up by some sweets at Carlo's Bakery...

and a stroll around the Grand Canal Shoppes...

Wednesday was a super busy day from start to finish!

I started my day off with Jazzercise with Rachelle from What The Teacher Wants.  I wish I could start every day with her!  She is so much fun to be around probably just what I need each morning!

No - this picture was not taken after we were all sweaty from Jazzercise - it was the next day!

After a quick run back to my room to change, I found myself sitting on the front row of both of Hope King from Elementary Shenanigans sessions and I could have probably stayed right there listening to her the rest of the day.  These were the BEST sessions I attended during I Teach 2nd - hands down!  I was so inspired to make be a better teacher for my kiddos through uncommon experiences, a fun and positive attitude, songs and dances, and more!

Wednesday night was the BIG teacher blogger meet-up with over 1100 teachers!  I got to meet some of my favorite teacher "idols" and hope that some of their awesomeness would rub off on me!

Deanna Jump

Amy Lemons

2nd Grade Teachers are the BEST - duh!

My roommate, Shelly from Smiling and Shining in 2nd Grade, and I even hit up the GoNoodle photo booth for some fun photos with our favorite GoNoodle champs!



Thursday morning, I was able to do some networking with other 1st and 2nd grade teachers and was able to meet some of my Instagram friends in real life!

Thursday night we decided to take in a show and decided on Human Nature's Motown Show - and it was AWESOME! 

Friday was Day 2, and the last day (tear!), of the TPT conference.

The TPT Keynote surely didn't disappoint - I almost cried at the thought of the impact that all of the awesomeness in that room could have on the world of education!

Paul Edelman - the man that started it all - on Craigslist!

This quote almost made me cry - "My teacher thought I was smarter than I was - so I was."  That is what it is all about my friends.

Erin Cobb, from Lovin' Lit, did a great session about going from a teacher to a teacherentrepeneur and it definitely made me think about how I'm going to take my TPT store to the next level and how I'm going to do it.  She is so funny!  She said, when someone asks us what we do, it can be so difficult to explain (to a non-educator), what we as TPTers do - this is often the look that we give the asker of that question...

So many people think we are in some type of scheme that is illegal or can't be real, but it is definitely a real thing and is having a huge impact in classrooms all over the world!

Friday evening we celebrated our "adult summer camp" with TPT closing remarks and happy hour complete with pictures, networking, more photo booths, and friend-making!

Friday night we kicked back with the Primary Pack at the Bourbon Room, made some more teacher friends and even set up some collaboration connections, before we packed up and hit the sack!  I had an early flight Saturday morning and we were exhausted!

Saturday morning came and I couldn't believe what a week I had had.  To be surrounded by such teacher greatness, to make all these new friends that have the same passion that I do was just awesome.  I was ready to go home, but I longed to stay so I could stay on this teacher-high.  Luckily, I start school in 2 weeks, so I'm hoping all I brought home with me can go right into my classroom.

By Vegas, I'm hoping I'll see ya' next year!


  1. It was nice to meet you! I can't wait to be working with you this year.

    Smiling and Shining in Second Grade

  2. I heard about Carlo's bakery!! I'm definitely going to have to stop there next year! I'd love to try to attend SDE and TPT next year. Hope to meet you at #tptvegas16!
    Learning Is Something To Treasure

  3. We must meet next year Allyson! Tricia & I went to the wrong session on Thursday we were in the PreK-Kinder room!!! So we missed many of our 1-2 friends. I loved reading your post and look forward to following you. Best wishes on your new school year! (So hard to believe you're already going back in 2 weeks!)
    Love & Hugs,
    Victoria & Tricia♥♥♥

  4. Cute!!! I hope I can meet you next year!

  5. Hello fellow NC blogger! Looks like you had a great time! Did we meet? I met so many people I have totally lost track and my memory is gone! LOL There is a NC TpT Facebook group. Let me know if you'd like to join! We have meet-ups and have one coming up.