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Friday, June 5, 2015

Five For Friday...It's SUMMER and #SnowDay

Hello friends - long time, no blogging!  Wow, it's been 2 months since I blogged - what a busy last quarter of the school year. of 1:45 this afternoon, I am on summer time!  Woohoo!
I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five For Friday!

I reached a couple of milestones this week!  First up, Scholastic Reading Club - I am a Golden Apple Teacher for a 2nd year in a row.  I have been a Golden Apple teacher this past school year, and will continue to be next school year as well!  $1000 in total orders for the entire year - woohoo!

Then, on Instagram, I passed 1000 followers!

We had 3 days of school this week - well, really one full day, our EOY celebration day, which was basically a 1/2 day, and then Wednesday was a 1/2 day too.  So, Monday morning, we spent the entire morning making games for their summer buckets.  Their poor little hands were so tired of cutting cards for the games, but their parents sure were appreciative of all the games to keep practicing skills over the summer!

Speaking of our End of Year Celebration...well the weather sure didn't cooperate!  Here in NC, we haven't seen much sun this week - so our morning at the park to play games and have "ultimate recess" was kind of ruined by rain.  Luckily, we got some play time in sans rain, and then when it rained, they just kept playing in the rain!  When we first started planning this day, we talked about having water games, welp, we got natural water games!

My car was all loaded up with games!

So Tuesday afternoon when I got back to campus after our morning at the park, I started taking stuff down to make way for new next year!  I use black sheets as my bulletin board backgrounds because they won't fade - these have been up for 2 years and are still super black.  Wednesday morning while my kids were helping me reorganize and relabel books in our classroom library, I worked on putting up new borders.  I discovered layering borders a year or so ago and LOVED it - so I've layered borders on my bulletin boards in my room as well.  All borders pictured are from Creative Teaching Press.

Then on Thursday, I added lights to attach to the ones already around my whiteboard.

Even got my new Class Dojo board close to done!

This is a new bulletin board - got to get some more of the chalkboard polka dot border to layer on top.

All packed up and ready for my 6 weeks of summer!
If I want my floors really cleaned and waxed, all the furniture has to be cleaned off so the cleaning crew can move it out - so that means stuffing my rolling cubbies, cabinets, and my closet full.  I am pretty good at packing (which will come in handy next month when I head to VEGAS!), so I was able to pack it all way, in an organized manner, and have a little room to spare!

Love my rolling cubbies!

I put my classroom library up on my counter tops and then stacked lots of other stuff up to the ceiling.  I know they'll appreciate not having to move so much out of my room!

I PACKED my closet FULL!

#SnowDay you ask???  Well, if you stuck around long enough, you are in for a treat!
Back in February when NC was socked in with snow (like a lot of the rest of the country), snow day videos were flooding our Facebook news feeds.  One of my co-workers mentioned on Facebook that we should do a video - well our elementary music teacher came up with the lyrics to this amazing snow day song and then we got to videoing on our own Snow Day Video!  It debuted today at our end of year staff luncheon and it is just amazing!  We have joked all along that we hope to make it to the Ellen Show for our awesome video - so who knows!
Yours truly is featured in there too!





  1. Using black cloth is a great idea! I also love the video...too in Mew England though your "snow" pictures made me chuckle. Here was the front of my school in the middle of winter:

    Enjoy your summer!
    Teaching Voracious Learners

  2. I love your classroom! So modern and well lit :) Congrats on the Golden Apple, that's a lot of books! Have a great summer!

    Corinna (✿◠‿◠)
    Surfin' Through Second

  3. OMG, I just adore your video! Very creative!! I love watching the Ellen Show, I hope your video makes it to her show!:)

    Mrs. Solis Teaching Treasures