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Thursday, April 2, 2015

April Currently

I'm linking up again (for a second time today!) with Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for April Currently!

Listening - to Grey's Anatomy - my Thursday night show!  Started watching Grey's when I was a freshman in college and I've just had to watch since!

Loving my new blog design!!!  Gabby over a Gabby's Classrooms installed my new design last Saturday afternoon and I am over the moon in love with my new design!

Thinking...more like wishing that we didn't have to make-up all those snow days we had back in February.  We lost 6 full days and then had 2 half days due to late arrivals.  So in technical terms..we had 42 hours of instruction missed - we have to make up 15 of those hours to meet the minimum hour requirements for the state.  So there is a positive in that we don't have to make up all the time.  We start tomorrow by having to go a half day and then a full day on Monday.  In a couple weeks we have a half day Saturday school...ugh!

Wanting - a long weekend...only get an early afternoon tomorrow - boo!

Needing to make a to-do list for our all day planning day on Tuesday.  Each grade level gets one all-day planning each quarter and ours 3rd quarter got pushed back because of snow - so our is Tuesday.  Hoping to get the rest of the year planned out and plan some end of year stuff - go to make a to-do list so we make sure we do it all!

My blog name is based on my alma mater's new campaign slogan.  A couple years ago, my alma mater, Meredith College, adopted a new campaign slogan of Going Strong.  As a women's college, empowering women is a theme - and our alumnae are going strong all across the globe.  I won't step up on my soapbox about how much I love my alma mater and what it did for me and my leadership.  And since I teach second grade - it just fit - Going Strong in 2nd Grade!

Have a great holiday weekend!
Happy Easter!


  1. I watched Grey's Anatomy for years, and now I have 15 episodes I dvr'd that I've yet to watch. I am envious of your all-day planning sessions. How wonderful that you get one each marking period! Your have a really cute blog!
    - Kelly :)
    Mrs. Campbell's Kids

  2. I love your new blog design! I used to teach in NC and I hated those make up days! I now live in Ohio and we have ours all built in. That's great that you don't have to make them all up! :)
    Miss King's Enchanted Kingdom

  3. Your blog is so fresh and bright! I used to be a Grey's watcher and then children got in my way! It's one of the series I would love to go back to and watch from the beginning!

  4. Love your blog design! Gabby is working on mine right now! So excited to see the finished product. I sometimes get jealous of all the snow days other people were getting, since I live in California...but not jealous of all the make up days. Sorry! Enjoy your long weekend!

    WILD About First Grade!

  5. Love your design! I am nuts about chevrons and your color palette is so bright!

    I love your name comes from a place of empowerment!

    -Bri @ Knowledge Mobile

  6. Hi,
    Your blog looks great! I love the bright colors. I'm so excited that I found another 2nd grade teacher blog :)

    Made with Love

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