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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Working on Transitions...

Before track-out we started working on transitioning from one activity to another quickly, efficiently, and without so much talking and I've got a little friend that is going to hopefully help me with this when we head back to school on Monday.

Meet my Easter egg...

My family and I went to Disney World my senior year in high school for spring break...way back in 2007 - wow 8 years ago!!  Easter was the end of that week and we came home on Saturday - on Easter, the "Easter Bunny" had brought me this little cutie all the way from WDW.

So, how am I going to use my little friend you ask?

Since there is a Disney character hidden inside this Easter egg, we are going to play Transition Wheel of Fortune this week to figure out who is inside the egg.  Whenever we transition from one activity to another, the table that does it the best will get to guess a letter of the name of the character that is hiding in the egg.  They only get one letter guess OR attempt to solve.

So, not only are we working on transitions, we are also going to be practicing a little team-building, as I'm sure that they are going to be helping each other hurry up to show that their table is ready.

Now this character is not one I think they are going to guess right away, so I'll be interested to see how long it takes us to figure out who is in the egg...hopefully most of this week at least.

Now that you've read all about my plans, I'm sure you too want to know who is hiding inside the egg, so I'll share with you!

It's Eeyore!

I hope you have either a great week at school this coming week - or - a great spring break!  I'm just a little jealous that it is supposed to be nice and warm here in NC this week and we have to go back to school..oh well, 9 weeks to go!

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