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Friday, August 8, 2014

A Triple Scoop of 2nd Grade Linky

Hello hello my friends!

Whether you follow my blog or are hopping through the Triple Scoop of 2nd Grade link party - Welcome!

I've been back in school for 2 weeks already but I know some of you are gearing up to head back before too long so I'm going to share 3 products with you that will can get you started on the right note!

The first product is one of my products!

This is my new and updated behavior clip chart, behavior hall of fame, and monthly behavior reports.  I use Class Dojo to help me, my students, and their parents track behavior, but I also use a clip chart in conjunction with Class Dojo.  Everyone starts out on green each day and as they earn Dojo points, they move up the clip chart.  If they lose points (oh no!) they move down the clip chart.  Where they are on the chart depends on their total points earned/lost.

But don't worry if you don't use Class Dojo - there are 2 behavior charts included in this set.  One with Class Dojo points noted, and one without.

The way I use the behavior hall of fame is each time a student gets on pink, I add a star to their clip.  Once they get 5 stars on their clip, they get to join the Behavior Hall of Fame.  I use the circles included in the set to write their name and add around the behavior hall of fame sign I post with the clip chart.  From then on, each time they get on pink, I add a star to their circle.

The behavior reports included are done by months July 2014-June 2015 to accommodate all schedules.  I have not included holidays or days that you might have off of school since everyone's schedule is different.  At the end of the day, student color in the circle with what color they are on and their parent initials underneath.

Here are a few pictures of my clip chart in my classroom:

I have so many things I added to my TPT store this summer, I was hard to pick one more to share with you, but since our sweet little children come to school to learn...I have to share with you my August math centers!!

 The inspiration for these centers came at Disney World of all places!  We went to Disney back in June and were able to ride the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride twice!  I came back home and started to get my mind in B2S mode since I had so many products I wanted to make for my classroom and for TPT so I started thinking "Hi Ho, Hi Ho it's back to school we go!" 

This is the first set (for the school year) of monthly math centers that I plan to make and implement in my classroom.  I have completed May (baseball) and now August and September.

This set of math centers for the month of August are pretty much a review of concepts learned in 1st grade, so for the most part, they are aligned with 1st grade Common Core State Standards.  It is my hope that my students can complete these very easily without much adult assistance. 

Now for a product from a fellow 2nd grade teacher!  There are way to many to choose from...but...I have to share one from one of my favorite teacher bloggers - Amy Lemons!

This year, instead of kicking off the first week of school with instruction and blowing their minds completely - we started with some activities to get them thinking about math again and learning how math will work in our classroom.

This set of activities was perfect!  We used it for the first week of school and laid the activities out as follows:

Monday: Let's Talk about Math and the Mathematician Craftivity
Tuesday: Math Tool Exploration and Making Numbers Flapbook
Wednesday: Silent Puzzles (LOVED THIS!)
Thursday: Draw and Solve word problems

On Friday we dove more into how math works in our classroom since we are flipping our math instruction and doing math centers/rotations during our math block.

Thanks for hopping over!  Make sure to check out the products listed above to help you get the school year started off right!

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