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Friday, March 14, 2014

Five for Friday!

It's finally Friday!  This was our last week of school before we track out for 2 weeks and so that meant that this week was soooooo sloooowww!  I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday!


Spring finally showed up some here in NC last weekend and early this week!  I was so excited as were my kids.  Too bad it was our PE week so we didn't have our normal recess time after lunch...but that didn't keep us from going outside!  We took advantage of the 70's and our nice bricked area in front of our building to play a little before Art.  The kids weren't too crazy about it a know...cooties and holding hands...eeewww!  But they liked it by the time we got done.  We might do this again :)

Well a couple weeks ago we wrote about How to Catch a Leprechaun - the kids loved it.  Did you know that most leprechauns - or my kid's leprechauns at least like peanut butter???  I have to be careful giving quick ideas before they start writing because they usually end up using them in their writing!  Bought some cute Melonheadz clipart during the big sale and got it printed, laminated, and to add some detail to the board.  Wish it looked done, but one kiddo never finished!  By the way, our writings are from 2nd Grade Stuff - love ALL of her monthly writing packs!

Reading Comprehension passages this week were St. Patrick's Day style too this week!  Love this sweet little one's answer to her last question - they sure do know how to steal my heart :)

So I have several kiddos that have some difficulty finishing their work each week and I have tried so many different things to "light the fire under their butt" but nothing as really worked!  So last Friday I announced to my kiddos that starting this week if they finished all their work during the week and could show me an empty folder Friday morning they could play on an iPad for morning work.  It definitely worked for some and one in particular was so proud of herself for finishing her work and getting to play on an iPad this morning.  They were in heaven sitting on the carpet this morning :)

We finished up our data and graphing unit in math yesterday and had awards this morning at 10:30 AM.  Most kids leave after awards (I only had 5 left by 12:15!) so we do some fun things in the morning before we go to awards.  This morning we used a St. Patrick's Day graphing freebie my team mate found on TPT to graph Lucky Charms cereal.  The kids really loved it, especially the eating part!

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  1. How much fun to be outside again!!! I hear ya... I just want ALL SUNSHINE! You're math unit looks awesome!!! Have a great weekend:)
    Sassy, Savvy, Simple Teaching
    A fellow NC Blogger:)